The life of a reader

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this past week

This past week has been very busy,  we started up school again on monday ( it was a home school day) but before that my friends and I went paint balling at Orlando Paintball.  It was really fun, I have two nasty bruises on my leg from a close range shot (OUCH!!)  Then my cousins got in town on monday and we spent the day with them, it was really fun.  Then I went to school on tuesday ( another REALLY boring school day)  I have this one teacher who is soooo boring!  I have almost fallen asleep so many times in her class.  Then today I had home school, luckily it was a light day and I got done at eleven thirty.  But at least I have one thing to look forward to, I am going to animal Kingdom on Friday ( witch means no school!!) with my cousins.  Well I need to go now,  see ya!    

My favorite movies

  Today I am going to talk about my favorite things, lets start out with movies.  My favorite movies are probably I am Legend, witch is about the last man on earth and all the other people are zombies/monsters, Ironman, The new hulk movie, The Simpsons movie, witch is VERY FUNNY,  also I like all the Harry Potter movies.  If you have any favorite movies that you wish to share with me then just leave a comment on this post and I will maybe watch that movie.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hello, sorry I have not writen for two days. On Friday we went to see the blue man group with family. Then on saturday I was sick and I was out and about going to football games and parties.  Anyway, the blue man group was very cool, I highly recommend it.  Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe at citywalk in Universal.  Then on saturday Wes and Owen had a football game.  Then. . . . I went to a birthday party that was at volocity sports. It has an indoor football feild, basketball courts and a batting cage. Then I had to go to my church to do sound, after that I walked over to a Christmas party in a friends neighborhood.  I stayed there for a little bit then my dad picked me up and we went home.  And here I am now, sick, tired, and home alone. Well I need to rest now so see ya!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11, 2008

Today was a day of rushing to get ready for school, eating breakfast, getting dressed (not that I wasn't dressed before) and trying to get everybody in the car before eight thirty.  Things looked like I was going to be there at a decent time, but then my mom said she forgot something and so we had to go back.  After another boring day of school (except for the snowball fight in science),  I went to owen's football practice because I am assistant coach (my dad is normal coach. . . .Lucky!) After a long practice of trying to get the kids to HAND OFF THE BALL! we went to go get some pizza before we went to watch a football game.  When we got back home I lost my ipod touch for the night and here I am now, so thats all that happened today, bye!    

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Never Mind

Sorry about that last post. I was going to quit but then my dad said that he liked my writing so I decided to start back up again (miss me?!). So for now on I will be writing about my life. That is why I changed my tittle to "The life of a reader". I will just be talking about my life and all the weird things that my family and friends do.  So I will just start out with today. Today I woke up around eight fifty, pretended I was asleep a couple times when mom came in and played on my iPod for a little bit. Then I got up and did my normal things, such as complain about school, get mad at my brother, eat breakfest, all the normal things.  Then I started school, worked, and worked, and worked until it was done. Then I had to start a paper that was due Tuesday!  So I wrote a page of that and finally I was done.  So I just hung out the rest of the day until dad came home.  Then we had dinner and sat down to play a nice game of yahtzee.  After Wesley tried to cheat a couple times I started to have fun.  I thought I was going to win but in the end I came in last place.  Well my mom is telling me to go to bed now. Bye!

no more posts!

sorry everybody but i am not doing any more posts because i do not a lot of time to do them!


good bye world :-(

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The good stuff.

 Hello world, sorry I have been out for a while, because with spring break and all.  now, lets get down to the good stuff. the books! I know lots of you people love to read,so do I. So I am going to talk about all the books I have read and give a quick summary about them.  Also about the authors. Now lets start out a little simple,such as the book "Are you my mother?". Now I know this i a little kid book but like a said i just want to start out small.  This book is about a little bird who is about to hatch when his mother flies away to get something to eat.(How would you like it if you were about to be born when you mother says "Im hungry, Im going to Burger King) But right when she left the little bird came out. The he fell out of the tree.  He went to place after place asking "Are you my mother?". He came across lots of things such as a cat, a boat,plane,dog,and lots of other things. then he found his mother and hey lived happily ever after.